Thursday, March 31, 2011


Ryder Silas aka BULA Vivas
(Photo courtesy of Kathleen W.)

You know, I like to keep informed on current events.  

So, I was reading a recent Garden Island review on the new movie, Red Riding Hood.  The critics blasted the movie as being too much like Twilight instead of having its own distinct spin of the famed children's fairy tale.

I, BULA, respectfully disagree.

The part of THE WOLF should have gone to me.    Part of that is my fault because I was trying out for American Idol the week that the HOOD people were in my hood.  (Ha-ha!  I just made a funny!)

Anyway, I had my own wardrobe designed by my mommy and aunty.  (See photo above...yeah, I know...I can't help it.  I'm just a STUD MUFFIN!)  

But you can see the charisma and the other undefined elements that make for great star chemistry.  I was fortunate and got a great set of genes from both parents to begin with.  Nevertheless, there is that certain--je ne sais quois!--animal appeal about me.  Like I said, I can't help it.  I got sheep following me around for days!

But, I know you gotta run!  Me, too...gotta buy some gifts at this shopping center in Oregon before I return home to Kauai.  

Let's see...there's Amy and Marianne and Desiree and Faith and Lisa and Lorna and Chelsea and...

Baaaa!  Baaaa!  I'm BULA, and I'm a BAAAAD BOY!

Aloha, everybody, until next time!  Thanks for kickin' it with me!

PS  Looks like I might have to redshirt the NFL season this year if there's a pro football strike.  Check out my last post to see what I'm talking about.


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