Friday, March 18, 2011


Great-grandma Marion A., I love you very much, but I may have missed my flight to the mainland.

My two cousins, Kalau and Ryder, are looking for me.

Can't you folks read my body language?  I'm trying to tell you that I'm anxious to get going!

Hey!  Am I getting through to you guys?

Where's my cellphone?  Gotta call my cuzzes.

Eh, Kalau...Ryder!  Can you hear me?  Sorry I missed the plane ride.  Let me explain.

That Irish coffee was so delicious that I had four cups in a matter of minutes.  I must've passed out in the lobby.  Funny...I thought coffee is supposed to keep me up!

Next thing I know, I'm under house arrest and being grilled by my mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, and great-grandma Marion A.  As you can see, I was trying my bestest to get away from GGMA, but she had a stone cold grip on me.  Kept saying that it was for my own good.

After an hour of detention, they finally let me use my cellphone.

So, I'm here on Kauai, and you guys are over in Oregon.

Eh, you think you can save me some Irish coffee?

What?!?!  You drank it all up already?  Man, you guys humbug!  

Hmmpf!  I stay all nuha now!


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