Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Mom Lehua, Woolly Bugger, Ryder Silas aka BULA, and Dad Bryson
(Photo courtesy of Kathleen W.)

Okay, apparently my last blog post caused quite a stir in the sheep population of Tillamook, Oregon.  (See:  http://hawaiianodysseus2.blogspot.com/2011/03/wolf-in-sheeps-clothing.html.)

Sheep are quite literal, and so they hung on every word of my post with great trepidation.  They actually thought I was a real wolf and that I was going to their splendid and pacific sheep village and eat them all up.

Poor sheep!  

Anyway, I couldn't have their dread and sleepless nights on my conscience, so I asked Mom and Dad (See!  I told you I had great genetics!) to drive me to that neck of the woods so I could put my ovine friends at ease.

Long story short, I met with their leader, WOOLLY BUGGER.  (Yes, all you fly tying and fly fishing enthusiasts...this is the actual ram whose name was used for that world-renown streamer fly!)  

Which gave me pause to wonder...would I catch my quota of trout just by throwing Woolly Bugger into the local stream?  Anyway...

Woolly Bugger was so relieved with my reassuring news that he invited Dad to pull on his horns.


That's right, you heard me correctly.  You see, Woolly doubles as the village's very own slot machine.  Every afternoon, just before doing his swing shift at the local Tillamook casino, Mr. Bugger swallows a treasure chestful of gold coins.  

When you pull on his horns, his eyes roll back into his spongy head for just a second or two, and when he comes out of a kind of catatonic spell, you then can see the apples, oranges, and lemons unscrolling in his little biddy sheep eyes.

On this date, my dad was very lucky.  In just his second try, the ram lit up like a Christmas tree and puked out 37 gold coins.  (In the photo above, we're recreating the scene.  My mom is so good with money that she deposited our winnings in the nearest bank before Dad and I could throw any of it away.  Mom's frugal like that.)

Woolly Bugger announced the good news to all the sheep in the village clan that I wasn't a real wolf in spite of my proclamations that I was one BAAAAAAAD dude.

Dad and Mom were excited and happy about hitting the jackpot.

And I was thankful to get a 2-lb block of Tillamook Mizithra Cheese from Woolly Bugger, made from the milk of his beloved wife, Ewe Tube.

All in all, then, it was a banner day for everyone concerned.

With an abundance of aloha and mahalo to all my Blogger fans, this is Bula signing out.  Ciao!


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