Friday, March 11, 2011


Dylan Imaikalani Watanabe
Sporting the world-famous Dylhawk
(Photo courtesy of Silas K. Aqui)

Okay, gangie, I'm back!

Gotta tell you...the kids at school think my Dylhawk is the coolest thing.  I'm thankful for my liberal-minded parents.  They set firm boundaries for me, but they're also really cool about letting me learn important life lessons through actual experience.

Anyway, I've been curious for quite some time now as to why the ancient Hawaiian helmets, especially the feathered ones that were used exclusively by the kings and high-ranking chiefs, were crest-shaped.  You know, shaped like a rainbow.

And then, one day when I was looking in the mirror and debating whether to use gel on my Dylhawk or just go au naturel, it dawned on me how my hairdo had the very same shape.

Eureka!  That's it!  Those ancient ali'i--my very own ancestors-- were sporting Dylhawks!  Wow!  How cool is that?

So, kids, the lesson in all of this for us is that it's important for us to be true to ourselves, to try things that are new and awesome--as long as those activities aren't hurtful to others or ourselves--and to never stop dreaming!  

This is your favorite 5-year-old, Dylan Imaikalani Watanabe, signing out for now.  

And, remember, when you say your prayers tonight, please be sure to include the victims and families of those poor people in Japan who were devastated by the earthquakes and tsunamis.

Aloha and mahalo!


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