Friday, January 13, 2012

My hopes for the new seaosn of Boardwalk Empire

Guest post written by Tina Burgens
When it comes to the second seasons of shows, a lot of the time they just aren't nearly as good as the first seasons. But I really hate when you see that happen. Then other times the second seasons of shows are so much better than the first season. Well I hope that the second one is what happens when it comes to the second season of Boardwalk Empire coming on this fall. I have some really high hopes for it and I'm pretty sure the show can reach and surpass those expectations by far!
I've been doing a lot of looking around online to see if I can read anything written by someone who's seen a new episodes form the second season or something. While I was online looking that up the other day, I ran across some clear reviews. I showed them to my husband and after that we decided to change over our home internet service to one of the packages that we found on there.
I'm really looking forward to this new season adn I have a feeling that this season is just going to be downright amazing. They have the talent and the budget backing it up to where it's definitely possible.

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