Friday, April 8, 2011


Uncle Joe and Aunty Rita
(Photo courtesy of Ryan)

Hello, Aunty Rita!

Oh, hi!  Is this Dylan?


So good to hear from you.  Wait just a second...let me get Uncle Joe on the line, too, okay?


Hi, Dylan!  Wow!  What a nice surprise!  You called just as we finished dinner at the Spaghetti Factory in Lynnwood, Washington.  Wish you were here.

Aunty Rita and Uncle Joe, the reason I'm calling is to thank you for the nice picture of you that I got in the mail today.

Oh, Dylan, you're very welcome.  Uncle Joe and I think the world of you.

Thanks, Aunty Rita!  I have to go to basketball practice soon, but I have two things to say before I go.

Sure, Dyl.  Go ahead.

Aunty Rita, you are as beautiful as ever.  

Well, thank you, Dylan!  So kind of you to say so.

And as for you, Uncle Joe...

Yes, Dylan?

I think you should go into real estate.

That's an interesting comment.  Why do you say that, Dylan?

Because you're doing a great job of developing that forehead.


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