Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The E! True Hollywood Story Is Interesting, But Often Makes Me Sad

    Thanks to Wm Rowe

I've been watching The E! True Hollywood Story with my Free On Demand feature that is offered from my satellite provider. I admit that I like the morbid ones like the worst Hollywood deaths. Although, it makes me sad to remember some of the talented people that lost their lives so early in their careers.
There are always a few that I had forgotten about and then the show will remind me, like Phil Hartman. I used to watch him on Saturday Night Live and he always made me laugh. The show also told the story of how Chris Farley and John Belushi died of a drug overdose.
Actress Dana Plato was included in the episode and she sadly committed suicide with drugs. I used to watch Different Strokes when I was a kid and it's just too bad what happened to her career and her life after that.
It makes me wonder what these people could have accomplished had they lived. I wonder what funny movies Phil, Chris and John would have been a part of and maybe Dana could have made a comeback. Or, I would have enjoyed reading about her settling down with a husband and a family.
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