Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Dylan with Amber
(Photo courtesy of Ryan)

"It's him, Amber!  I know it's him!"

"Dylan, I need you to be absolutely still, okay?"

"Amber, I'm so scared!"

"I know, Dyl."  

"I saw the movie.  I know what he can do."

"Huh?  Movie?"

"You know, the one about the fight in the woods."


"Yeah, the vampires were fighting with the werewolves!"

"Oh, I see.  So you think that's--"

"Jacob!  Jacob the werewolf!"

"Okay, Dyl.  I want you to give him your best smile, okay?  Maybe he just wants to be friends!"

"Oh, I'm too scared to smile.  I want to run, but my legs won't move!"

"I know, Dyl.  Just try your best.  Big smile!  Okay?"

"Oh, alright.  How's this?"

What were Dylan and Amber seeing on the path home?  What was filling Dylan's heart with such dread?

(The answer is in the next post.)


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