Friday, January 28, 2011


The Stars of "Hey, Cuz!"
From left to right--KALAU, KAUA, RYDER
(Photo courtesy of Silas Kaumakahia Aqui)

These are the children of tomorrow.  

Born just months apart of each other in 2010, they have all made a significant impact on and contribution to their respective parents (and, in the case of Kalau, an older sibling).  

From an epic tale begun years ago by patriarchs and matriarchs (great-grandparents Silas and Marion, for example, but surely others as well) and woven intricately like a tapestry taking on new patterns of its own with the heralding and the passing of each year, we come down to these newest and most welcome additions to the extended ohana.

We revel with each new "first" that each child experiences, and we hope beyond hope that mankind will choose wisdom over selfishness so that these beautiful, joyful, and adorable keiki o ka aina will have many years to explore, experience, build upon, contribute to, and be blessings and assets to their island as well as global communities.

In a world that has seemingly forgotten the intrinsic value of the "little things," may we members of our precious ohana always remember to honor, uplift, share wisdom with, 
and be grateful for our "little ones..."  

They are, after all, our closest earthly links to God and His angels.

So, without further ado, let's "listen in" on the current conversation that these three cousins are engaged in...

KAUA:  Chee, cuz!  It don't get bettah dan dis!

KALAU:  Dat hapa-haole babe at the next table was one good-lookin' wahine!  Shoulda got her stroller plate!

RYDER:  I got room fo' one mo' da kine shrimp tempura!  Well, stomach stahting to make noise.

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