Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Cousins Ryder and Kalaunuiohua
Relaxing at their Wailua Homesteads Estate
(Photo courtesy of Erin and Pua)

Wow, Kalau!  This is awesome!  We found the green Treasure Egg!  Kalau...uh, KALAU?

Wha'?  Oh, sorry, cuz!  I was just trippin'.  You know, it doesn't get better than this!


Serendipity, Ryder, serendipity.

Kalau, you younger than me, but ever since Braddah Dylan gave you that Kindle, you've been reading tons of books and spitting out these watermelon-size words!  What does SEREN-DIPPITY DOO DAH mean?'s being mindful of the moment when one accidentally discovers something wonderful or meaningful...kinda like finding an invisible Treasure Egg!

What you trying to tell me?  You just laid an egg?

Sorta...but it's an IDEA EGG.

Okay, I give...Lay it on me, brah!  LAY IT ON ME...ha-ha, cuz, I made a funny!  Is that seren...seren...ah, you know what I mean!

Yeah, I guess so.  But here's MY serendipity.  We may never have this moment again in our lives, Ryder.

What moment is that, Kalau?

When we as men can feel secure in our identity.

Huh?  Whatcha mean by that?

Someday, when we're much older, we will look at a photograph taken of us this very day and deny the moment by joking and acting shame.


That I was a cute blue-eared bunny dressed in camou, a cast-off member of the Village People, hooking up with a Hot Chick!

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