Saturday, May 21, 2011


Dylan's Award-Winning Ab Workout
With a Spot from DAD!
(Photo courtesy of Erin and Pua)

Hi, my good-looking friends!

Today, I want to demonstrate my world-famous DYLAN'S ABDOMINAL WORKOUT.

Having a strong, healthy core is vital to good health and longevity.  Especially in Hawaii, where we love to eat, exercise that firms up the abdominal region is so important!

So, follow these steps, and I GUARANTEE you are going to see results in 90 days!

1)  Find a well-cushioned area to lie down this case, I found the perfect spot--my dad's tummy.

2)  Cross one leg over the opposite leg.  

3)  Put your hands behind your head.

4)  For extra challenge and exertion, add some resistance.  Here, I've placed my faithful companion--Octavius the Octopus--on my right upper thigh.

5)  GRIN a lot!  Grinning burns even more calories, especially important after eating my mom's good cooking.

6)  Make sure your spotter has secured your extended leg.  You don't want to pull any muscles.

7)  Final step?  Just lie there until you and your spotter fall asleep!

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