Monday, May 9, 2011


Millipede Doing Intervals
(Photo courtesy of Ryan)

Man alive!  That 26.2 meter marathon is a GRIND!

I was doing stellar time until I hit a wall at the 20-meter mark.  

It was all I could do to tell my legs (and legs and legs and legs and legs and legs...ah, you get my drift!) to keep going.

On sheer will power alone, I finished.

14 hours, 23 minutes, 38 seconds.  

Not anywhere near elite performance, but a personal best nonetheless.

And I finished.  That's what truly counts!  I FINISHED!

Up next:  The Hawaiian Multi-Pede Triathlon!

I'm fine-tuning my training...a second interval session each week at Kapaa High School; running in sand at Kealia Beach; hill training up on the Sleeping Giant; and LSD (long, slow distance) running on Sundays around Lihue Airport.

Just wait and see!  

The Kenyan centipedes CAN EAT MY DUST!

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