Thursday, September 8, 2011


Ryder Silas, Multitasking 
(Photo courtesy of Lele and Bryson)

Okay, so let me explain what was happening here...

I was simply working on my stretches--
my back, hamstrings, abductor muscles... know, generally building up my 
core strength.

The trade winds were calming, the soft Hawaiian music soothing, the voice of the instructor--
oh, so relaxing...

...just dreaming of cruising north 
on Kuhio Highway, 
the sun beaming down on me 
as I'm chillin' big time 
in my aqua Fiat 500 Cabrio...

...trippin' about catching rays 
and checkin' out the babes on Anini Beach...

Ah!  I can't help it!
I'm just Ryder Silas (they call me BULA),
and I'm keepin' it real!

What a life!
And I'm stuck in my fantasy, feeling check, 
miles and miles from all the 
urban sprawl, traffic, and commotion...

...and before I know it...

I'm smack dab at the intersection of

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